Hydrogen First! The lightest element, the highest heat energy, an ideal fuel, almost invisible flame


About Hydrogen First

Innovative Concept

We make innovative concept, perform master design and look after detailed FEA calculations of pressure vessels.


We take into consideration all coming composite advances, announced in scienctific papers and practical guides.

Customer’s Needs

We offer pressure vessels and storage systems tailored to customer’s needs.

What we do

Hydrogen First deals with a wide spectrum of activities in the use of hydrogen as a zero-emission fuel, energy carrier in the power-to-gas cycle and methods of its collection and distribution. The main problem in today’s value chain for hydrogen use is the lack of links connecting the manufacturer and the potential customer. You can’t order hydrogen in bulk today to use it for its intended purpose. There is no “tap“ at the manufacturer’s which can drain hydrogen from technological installations, no intermediate infrastructure, compression stations, tanks, which means there is nothing to store hydrogen.Our activities are aimed at filling this gap by designing and ultimately producing large pressure and / or cryogenic-pressure vessels for hydrogen. They can be used to accumulate hydrogen at manufacturers, for transport in semi-trailers, ISO containers, in addition in distribution tanks (underground / above ground or cryogenic), finally at the target users, for bunkering ships, ferries, tugs or locomotives and trucks. This means enabling versatile use of hydrogen, using such specialized tanks, both stationary and mobile.

Our projects are currently at the level of TRL = 2, and due to the estimated costs of their implementation are not included in any acceleration program due to the required budget. At this stage, we need a strong technological and financial partner that can bear significant initial expenses. In return, we give you a chance to overtake the very few competition in the world and possibly to take a strong duopolistic position in this market. A

Fuel Cell powered autonomous car filling gas in Fuel Cell Hydrogen Station. 3D rendering image.


We use standard ASME Section X guidelines, but also check by FEM analysis. This simplify prototyping as well as type approval. Carbon Reinforced Pressure Vessels seems to be the best solution at the moment to make lightweight, very strong tanks.


Hydrogen First goal is to become the first global commercial manufacturer of type approved large carbon reinforced pressure vessels according to stationary, mobile and maritime regulations.


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