Innovative technology addressing
critical problems of COPV

Composite overwrapped pressure vessel focus on weight reduction

Isotensoid shape, new laminate models for thick shell, reduction up to 30% of carbon fibre use, uniform composite layer manufacturing, no gap, no bridging

Science advances, mechanical
engineering, innovations

Netting, continuum-based and 3D stress-strain analysis, toroidal non-geodesics and isotensoid domes, rolling equipment in CAE

Thorough production preparation, highly automated manufacturing

CNC winding equipment, prestressed carbon fibre braided sleeve, selected optimal meridians, windability, reduced human factor faults

Heat issues overcome

Thick aluminium liner, inner stainless steelrig reinforcement’s heat capacity, quick load available, easy cryogenic handling

Competitive price

Weight reduction, optimal meridian trajectory, rolling equipment, all limit carbon fibre use and price

No joints

Monolithic liner made in hot-spinning proces or stir friction welding, large polar bosses,